Tutoring and Enrichment

We acknowledge that each student learns in a unique way.  Accordingly, we customize our tutoring and enrichment programs to meet the needs of each student; one student’s program could be focused on expanding their knowledge on a specific topic through project-based learning, while another student’s program could be focused on receiving additional instruction and support with a particularly difficult unit at school.

At CLC, we offer tutoring and enrichment options for all ages, pre-Kindergarten through adult.  While the programs vary from student to student, all CLC students are encouraged to ask specific questions, challenge and expand their background knowledge, and push their critical thinking skills.  Our tutors encourage students to become active and engaged learners and thinkers while helping them succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

As we recognize the benefit of regular tutoring, we encourage students to schedule with the same tutor each session. Depending on the individual needs of the student, tutoring appointments can be conducted one-on-one, with a partner, or in small group workshops. Additionally, students can choose the length and frequency of their appointments in order to structure a program that will best meet their needs.

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