“I appreciate the way in which my family was treated as if we were your family. This put my son to ease and allowed him to learn yet have fun.  He always looked forward to coming, even after a long day at school.”

~Parent of an Elementary Student.~

“When I suggested to my son that he skip the last Thursday before school was out, he said ‘no way do I want to miss a day with Dani!’ I hope she stays with him through high school. Thank you for everything; you have made our lives so much better.” 

~Candice S.~

“My daughter just received her ACT scores, and she made a 6 point increase in her composite! We were both ecstatic and were literally jumping up and down. Thank you so much for helping her get there; I know she would not have made such an improvement without CLC. “

~Peggy H.~

“It has been so important in our child’s life and ours that we have a place like CLC.  It has really filled a space that was, for us, lacking in the public school system. We never would have gotten through school without CLC.

~Suzanne A.~


“Our daughter Stephanie has been going to CLC for the first semester this year, and we’ve seen great improvement in her confidence and grades, thank you!”

~David S.~


You have no idea what a relief the flexible scheduling is!!!!!! THANK YOU!”

 ~Betsy T.~


“I think overall the boys enjoy their sessions at CLC, especially when they can complete their homework as part of their session and not have to do it at home. It’s giving them more confidence in their school work.” 

       ~Christi P.~


“Our tutor, Dani, is always working towards helping Skylar communicate better with me.  She communicates very well with Skylar and myself via email and phone messages/calls. She also helps figure out ways to be more effective in helping him to remember his homework!”

~Lynne D.~



“There is a very open line of communication between us and the whole team. I feel listened to and if there are concerns, they are addressed, and I feel like we have friends there”

~Suzanne A.~